Francis Hydro turbine for hydropower plant

Francis hydro turbine is mostly suitable for hydropower stations with medium or high head from 10m to 300m, the Runner made of stainless steel, have good performance.



The Francis Hydro turbine Has the widest range of water head applicationshydro turbine spiral case

Francis hydro turbine is mostly suitable for hydropower stations with medium or high head from 10m to 300m.

We have successfully completed numerous installations of Francis turbines with outputs up to 8 MW,Runner Diameter 2000mm.

Water flows through penstock of the power station, inlet valve, expansion pipe, inlet tube, spiral case and wicket gates into the runner, and then it drives the runner to revolve and convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and drives the rotor of generator revolution by the force of the main shaft of turbine, thus converting the mechanical energy into electric energy. Turbine power depends on the flow and direction of water flow on the impeller blades, Our  Francis Turbine has advanced manufacturing technology & runner configuration, the efficiency can up to 96%.

  • Rotating parts 

francis turbine runnerThe Francis turbine runner material is stainless steel 0Cr13Ni4Mo,  blades are CNC machined. it needs to customized according to your project water head & flow.

Francis Turbine runner compose of the blade, upper crown, bend and cone.The whole rotating part is mainly composed of the runner, main shaft, flywheel and main sealing assembly etc. The main shaft is laid in horizontal. The runner cone is keyed on the end of the main shaft, and locked with bolt. The runner is the principal component of the turbine convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

Draft tube assembly

The draft tube consists of draft tube, draft tube cone and draft tube bend etc. It’s function is to guide water current and receive some hydraulic energy.


Francis hydro turbine

Reference layout drawing of the Horizontal Francis turbine:

  1. Power house plan view of Horizontal shaft Francis turbine
  2. Power house section view of horizontal shaft Francis turbine
  3. Structure drawing of Francis turbine





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