Pelton Hydro turbine for hydropower project

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Pelton hydro turbine is for water heads 80-800m,These turbines operate economically with the lowest discharges & high water head hydropower project. We provide horizontal shaft Pelton turbines with one or two jets.

pelton turbine runner

Pelton hydro turbine is consisted of runner, turbine case, nozzles assembly, inlet pipe, deflector etc.

Pelton hydro turbine Runner

the whole Pelton runner use stainless steel 0Cr13Ni4Mo, integral casting and polished by hand.

we can supply the Pelton runner with integral forged and CNC machine, reach the international advanced technology level.

pelton runner cfdWe have advanced runner design, use CFD,FEA technical to ensure the best performance of the runner. CFD analysis can simulate the whole procedure which flow coming into and outgoing from bucket. The flow visualization can clearly show whether water flow outgoing from bucket pressure side hit the bucket back side. Such flow situation will cause more hydraulic loss and should be avoid during runner bucket optimum design process. The torque generated by runner and pressure distribution in the bucket can be calculated based on CFD analysis results. Turbine output and efficiency is finally predicted for various operating points.

Pelton hydro turbine Nozzles

The pressure water striking the buckets of the runner is controlled by providing a spear in the nozzle. The spear is a conical needle which is operated either by servomotor automatically by speed Governor. When the spear is pushed forward into the nozzle and the pressure water striking the runner is reduced, the load will be reduced. On the other hand, if the spear is pushed back, the pressure water striking the runner increases, the output load will be increases.

  • pelton runner have a good performance, the efficiency will up to 90%-91%.
  • runner choose best raw material, stainless steel 0Cr13Ni4Mo, forged and CNC machined.
  • Runner shape designed  with CFD computer simulation
  • operates on the high head and low discharge
  • the whole process of water jet striking and leaving to the runner takes place at atmospheric pressure, have no cavitation

Reference layout drawing of Horizontal shaft Pelton turbine:

  1. Structure drawing of Horizontal shaft pelton turbine
  2. Power house plan view of Pelton turbine
  3. Power house section view of Pelton turbine



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