S type turbine for Hydropower project

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S type turbine is suitable for water heads from 3m to 20m and large discharge hydropower station

S-type tubular turbine is Available in versions of Horizontal Kaplan turbine, Semi-Kaplan and Propeller, lt’s feature is that the water flow is axial throughout the passage from the inlet to the outlet look like a word “S”.s type turbine

S-type horizontal Kaplan with better machine efficiency is achieved by relative motion of vanes and blades, which is called the double regulation Horizontal Kaplan or horizontal full Kaplan. In the double Kaplan regulation version of the turbine, runner and guide wheel regulation the range of flow rate regulation extends from 20% to 100% of the rated discharge rate. This type of turbine is therefore suitable for certain run-of-river generating stations where the river flow varies considerably. Installation is almost exclusively with a direct connection to the generator.

S type turbine runner is  same as Kaplan turbine, the blades are made of stainless steel 0Cr13Ni4Mo casting, with CNC machined.

The runner with advantage shape model, have high efficiency up to 93%,it’s the best selection for exploitation of low head hydro-power resources.

Characteristics of S type Tubular Turbine

  1. from the inlet to the outlet axial direction through a simple shape, the hydraulic loss of the flow channel is reduced, Its draft tube can recover 40% of the total water head.
  2. S type Tubular turbine has a higher discharge capacity and specific speed, so under the same conditions of water head and power, the diameter of the tubular unit is about 10% smaller than that of the propeller type.
  3. Tubular turbines are suitable for operation with reverse pump turbines. Since there is no sharp turn in the inlet and outlet flow passages, the pump working conditions and the turbine working conditions can obtain better hydraulic performance. If applied to tidal power stations, it can have six functions such as two-way power generation, two-way pumping and two-way drainage, which is very suitable for comprehensive development and utilization of low-head hydraulic resources. In addition, it can be used as a reversible pump-turbine operation in general plain area irrigation and drainage stations. The scope is relatively wide.
  4. Tubular hydropower stations generally have a shorter construction period, less investment, quicker results, and less inundation and resettlement than vertical axial flow hydropower stations.


  • high efficiency, good performance for low water head and large discharge hydropower project
  • blades made of stainless steel 0Cr13Ni4Mo, reduce the cavitation problem
  • Advantage hydraulic calculation, CFD simulation, efficient use of water energy.
  • Small in size, can save much civil work

Reference drawing of S type tubine:

  1. Structure drawing of S type turbine


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