large pump/ axial-flow pump/mixed-flow pump/pump station

multistage centrifugal pumps are non-self priming pumps used for transporting liquid. They are classified into two kinds: cylinder type and sectional type. the pump have the high efficiency, energy saving performance, reliable quality, wide usable range.

The large pumps mainly mean large diameter, large flow, and large capacity pump. our large pumps include two types, axial-flow pump & mixed-flow pump.

Large axial flow pumps have five structure: vertical shaft, horizontal shaft, tilted, opened and tubular type, apply for large flow, low head and large capacity project.

Large mixed flow pumps is usually vertical shaft, apply for high water head project.

Large pump Performance and specification:

pump station

Flow: 5-100 m3/s,

Head: 0.8-35 m

Diameter: 1.4-6 m

Motor Capacity: 400-7000KW

Max. Efficiency: 85%-90%

Pump stations play an extremely important role in water supply.

Before your order, please ensure the head of delivery, & flow.

pump stationHow to Select the Water Pump:

  1. Select pumps that meet the head requirements

Head H(m), also known as the pump head, refers to the unit weight of the fluid obtained by the pump energy.

The head of the pump depends on the structure of the pump, such as the diameter of the impeller, the curved shape of the blade, the speed, etc.

The pump head is approximately 1.15 to 1.20 times the lifting height. For example, the vertical height from a water source to the place where the water is used is 20 meters, and the required head is about 23 to 24 meters.

2. Choose a pump with the right flow rate

The pump flow rate is the amount (volume or weight) of the liquid delivered by the pump in a unit time. The flow rate of the water pump should be selected according to the needs, not too large, otherwise it will increase the cost of purchasing the water pump.

重量 10 kg
尺寸 10 × 10 × 10 cm



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