Spherical Valve with hydro turbine for power plant

Spherical valve/ball valve are used for high water pressure pump station or hydropower plant.

Spherical valves are named for their spherical body shape,  this hydraulic counter weight spherical valve is our patented product that we specially designed for high water head hydro power station and  pump station. It is widely used in many hydropower project.spherical valve

The spherical valve is the inlet valve of the unit. It is located on the upstream side of the turbine and is installed between the penstock and the inlet section of the turbine spiral case.

The function of the spherical valve is to cut off the water flow between the hydraulic turbine and the penstock under normal conditions.

The entire ball valve system is mainly composed of the ball valve body part, the bypass valve system, the electrical control part, and the oil pressure system part.

  • Use heavy hammer to close the valve
  • this valve adopts fixed double seal (inlet seal and outlet seal).
  • The valve has a simple structure, the seal are movable which can be easily disassembled and maintenance.
  • The valve can be opened and closed by counterweight through electrical driven hydraulic station or manual driven hydraulic station.
  • The valve has independent control box,  can open or close the valve automatically  by PLC program, or executive command from SCADA.

When there is a sudden power failure or emergency shutdown, the stored pressure will automatically close the valve in two stages (fast closing first and then slow closing) according to the pre-set closing valve program, to prevent water hammer damage and protect the safety of water turbine and pipe network systems.

In the case of power failure, it can be open by hydraulic pressure (manual hydraulic pump).






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