vacuum circuit breaker for power plant substation

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Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker are suitable for 35kV three-phase alternating current 50 Hz (60 Hz) power systems, used to switch load current, overload current and short-circuit current.

In vacuum circuit breaker, the vacuum is used as the arc quenching medium. The technology is suitable for mainly medium voltage application, rated operation voltage from 10KV-40.5KV.

  •  Installation way: foundation installation;
  •  Operating mechanism: spring operating mechanism and electromagnetic operating mechanism;
  • Pole material: rubber silicone, ceramic;
  • Application: outdoor 10-40.5kV substation, power plant.
  • Current transformer: internal installation/ external installation.

Environmental Conditions

  • Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃;
  • Altitude: ≤1000m;
  • Maximum wind speed is 10km/h, minimum wind speed for the rated level (132/230kv) is 3.2km/h;
  • Earthquake intensity: ≤8 level;
  • Minimum nominal creepage distance: 31mm/kV;
  • Air pollution degree: Class IV.

Technical Specifications

No. Item Units Parameters
1 Rated voltage kV 40.5
2 Rated
1min power frequency
withstand voltage
dry 95
wet 80
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) 185
3 Rated current A 1250、1600、2000
4 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 20、25、31.5
5 Rated operating sequence O-0.3s -CO- 180s-CO
6 Rated short-circuit breaking current breaki ng times Times 12
7 Rated short- circu it closed current (peak) kA 50、63、80
8 Rated peak withstand curren t
9 Rated short-time withstand current kA 20、25、31.5
10 Rated short-circuit duration S 4
11 Average opening speed m/s 1.5 ± 0.2
12 Average closing speed 0.7 ±0.2
13 Contact closing bounce duration s ≤2
14 Three phase closing and opening synchronism ≤2
15 Opening time ≤150
16 Closing time ≤60
17 Mechanism life Times 10000
18 Rated operating voltage and aux ilia ry loop rated voltage V DC220 、1 10 、24
AC220 、110 、24
19 Phase loop DC resistance (without current transformer) 100
20 Permitted accumulate wear-thickness of dynamic and static contact mm 3

vacuum circuit nreaker

vacuum circuit breaker


重量 10 kg
尺寸 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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