scilicon control rectifier excitation for generator

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This silicon control rectifier excitation system is suited for medium-small type turbine-generator unit to auto regulate its voltage and reactive power, and suit for operation of power system various run conditions. the excitation device is a product base on micro computer processor technology with advantages function.

Functions of regulator

  •  All data need measuring by regulator, include voltage of generator UF, active power P , reactive power Q, voltage of excitation UL, current of excitation IL, voltage of grid network UX etc.
  • Setup way of regulator working, constant voltage, constant current, constant reactive power.
  • Digital regulate different
  • Have manifold of excitation limit, such as forcing excitation ceiling value limit, V/f limit, over-excitation limit, under excitation limit, fail limit etc.
  • Parallel running automatically track power grid voltage, quickly parallel running could realize.
  • Online modified parameter and real time display data.
  • Auto track include: track grid network, track running and backup, track running mode.

Main Technical Data

  • When excitation current and excitation voltage is 1.1times rated value, the device can long time continue operation.
  • Under the voltage variation range is –15%~+10% rated value, the frequency variation range is –3Hz~+2Hz condition, the device can long time continue operation.
  • Within short time, the AC operational voltage variation range is 55%~120% rated value, the frequency variation range is 45Hz~55Hz, the device can long time continue operation, and guarantee forcing excitation and forcing decrease excitation action.
  • the excitation system response time:
    rise(forcing excitation)≦0.1s
    down(quick decrease excitation, from ceiling voltage decrease to zero)≦0.15s
  • Automatic voltage regulating range: 75%~120%.
  • Manual voltage regulating range: 30%~130%.
  • Quadrature current droop compensation:≤±10%.
  • Steady-state voltage regulation: ≤±2.5%.
  • At no load condition, if the frequency variation ±1%, the generator outlet voltage variation≤0.5%.
  • noise level≤80dbA.
  • Ceiling voltage (forcing excitation)times: When the stator voltage is 80% rated voltage, the ceiling voltage times ≥1.8.

SCR excitation

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